Online Ordering and Delivery from the Marina's Ship Store to you

To make your stay at Stock Island Marina Village as safe and convenient as possible, we're excited to announce that guests can now order provisions from our ship store right here through our website. Please view the items that are available for purchase and then use the form on the right to process your order.

Here's How it Works

  • Please fill out the form below with your contact information and order
  • A SIMV team member will call you once the order is received to confirm details of the order as well as pickup/delivery day and time
  • If picking up your order in person, please visit the window left of the Ship Store entrance and payment will be taken at that time
  • If you'd like a delivery, a SIMV team member will take your payment over the phone

Available Items

Please scroll through the list below or click here for a full list of available items

Clif Peanut Butter $2.70
Clif White Choc. Maca $2.70
Nut Harvest Almonds $1.99
Nut Harvest Cashew $1.99
Honey BBQ Chips $1.89
Munchies Chips $1.89
Grandma's Peanut Butter $0.99
Lay's Salt & Vinegar Chips $1.89
Rold Gold Pretzels $1.69
Smart Food $1.89
Lay's Sour Cream & Onion $1.89
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups $1.58
Doritos Nacho Cheese $1.89
Matador Hot Stick $1.49
Lay's Classic $1.89
Munchies PB Crackers $0.59
Nut Harvest Nut & Fruit Mix $1.99
Snickers Candy Bar $1.58
Milano Cookies $0.75
Twix $1.25
Matador Original Stick $1.49
Eclipse Polar Ice $1.86
Health & Wellness 
Lily of the Dersert Aloe Vera $12.09
Colgate Toothpaste $2.50
Colgate Toothbrush $2.50
Reef Safe 50spf Sunscreen $18.60
No Natz Natural Bug Spray $11.16
Toilet Paper 1 Roll $2.79
Sparkle Paper Towel Roll $2.79
Tide Laundry Detergent $2.79
Home & Outdoor 
Floating Knifes $11.16
Kingsford Easy Light Charcoal $13.95
10lb Bag $3.30
20lb Bag $6.09
Pet Care 
Aloe Dog Shampoo $5.59
Large Chum Bags $5.58
Small Chum Bags $4.65
Chum Menhaden block 7lb $7.00
Squid 1lb box $4.50
Bally Hoo Rig, 3 pack $10.00
Shrimp 1/2lb bag $3.00
Bally Hoo Unrig, 12 pack $11.00
Beer, Wine and Champagne 
Founders All Day IPA Single $3.00
Land Shark 16oz can Single $3.00
Budweiser 16oz can Single $3.00
Bud Light 16oz can Single $3.00
Mich Ultra 16oz Single $3.00
Stella 16oz can Single $3.00
Louis Perdrier Brut 187ml $10.00
Alverdi Pinot Grigio 750ml $12.00
Blue Point Toasted Lager 6pk $12.09
Hibiscus Ale 6pk $12.09
Sandbar Sunday 6pk $12.09
Funky Buddha Floridian 6pk $12.09
Saltwater Screamin Reels 6pk $12.09
La Playa Sauvignon Blanc 750ml $13.02
Light Horse Cabernet Sauv 750ml $15.00
Light Horse Chardonnay 750ml $16.00
Bud Light 12oz can 12pk $16.74
Budweiser 12oz can 12pk $16.74
Mich Ultra 12pk $18.60
Gold Peak Lemonade $1.75
Coke Zero $1.49
Gold Peak Unsweet Tea $1.75
Revive Fruit Punch $1.86
Gold Peak Sweet Tea $1.75
Seagram's Ginger Ale $1.49
Apple Juice 16oz $1.49
Monster Absolute Zero $2.14
Orange Juice 15.2 oz $1.49
Coke Cherry Zero 20oz $1.49
Dasani Water 6pk $5.00
Diet Coke $1.49
Pink Lemonade $1.60
Essential Orange $1.86
Sprite $1.49
Monster Original $2.14
XXX $1.86
Fruit Punch $1.27
Loca Moca Java Monster $2.79
Sprite Tropical Mix $1.49
Fanta Orange $1.89
Zero XXX $1.86
Perrier Sparkling Water $2.33
Focus Kiwi Strawberry $1.86
Power C Dagonfruit $1.83
Grape $1.27
Tropical Mango $1.86
Zero Mixed Berry Go Go $1.86
Mountain Blast $1.27
Lemonade 20oz btl $1.49
Perrier Sparkling Water Lime $2.33
Coca Cola 20oz $1.49
Smart Water Cucumber/Lime $2.00
Smart Water 1L Btl $2.33
Zico Natural Coco Water $2.54
Dunkin French Vanilla $2.60
Ice Cream 
Oreo King Cone $2.74
Spongebob Ice Cream $1.50
Rainbow Popsicle $1.30
King Cone $3.30
Giant Vanilla Sandwich $1.58
Snickers Ice Cream Bar $2.50
Choco Taco $2.23
Orange Creamsicle $1.40
Magnum Double Carmel Bar $3.30
Strawberry Shortcake Bar $1.86
Mango Bar $1.75
Magnum Double Choc Bar $3.07
Mrs Fields Cookie Sandwich $3.07
Magnum Almond Bar $3.07
Tylenol Extra Strengtd 2pk $0.93
Bismutd Tablets 2pk $1.50
Dramamine-Non Drowsy $11.16

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